Journey into Design

I was born and raised in a vibrant Indian culture that embraces all the aspects of art in a wondrous variety of forms, modes, and applications. It influenced me in many ways and taught me to appreciate every aspect of art and do things creatively. I realize my inclination toward creativity and art in my school days and decided on my future path into design! My journey into design from then till now has been exciting!

Design is a journey of discovery.

Derek Parker

During the formative years of my career, I explored different design disciplines, learned new methodologies, worked with new technologies, and explored the application of design through different mediums. It is important who you work with during this journey as it shapes you up as a person and as a professional. I’ve been so fortunate to have great coaches and mentors who shared guidance along the way while me working as a graphic designer, as an animator, as a UX designer, and as a design leader. Learnings from each individual and from different roles I played helped me gain design maturity, confidence to explore, and the ability to balance art and science behind it.

As a designer, I enjoyed working across different industries, for global customers, designing for all form factors and different technologies, defining or refining processes that helped me and my team to be successful, and collaborating with different teams while building awesome product experiences.

As a leader, I have built and nurtured large design practices and mentored designers at all levels guiding them towards success and individual growth. I have helped business development win the new business and led large-scale design engagements. I’m passionate about conducting Design Thinking workshops for young students and teaching them the concept of ‘Design Thinking’ to solve complex problems.

In my current role, I frequently wear multiple hats, such as a manager guiding my team towards success, as a design lead envisioning an end to end enterprise user experience for Sales, Service, and Commerce cloud users, as a collaborator bridging the gaps between a very talented team of engineers, product managers, and designers and as an innovator leading Machine Learning design innovation across different products.

Apart from design, I enjoy cooking, walking in nature, practicing yoga and spending hours and hours in my painting studio! That’s my way of meditation. 🙂