Journey into Design

Design is a journey of discovery – Derek Parker

As a designer, my roots trace back to a colorful Indian culture that celebrates art in its many diverse forms, modes, and applications. From a young age, I was immersed in this vibrant world of creativity, and it instilled in me a deep appreciation for every facet of art. This upbringing fueled my passion for design. Since then, my journey as a designer has been nothing short of exhilarating.

In the early stages of my career, I delved into various design disciplines, acquiring new methodologies and leveraging cutting-edge technologies across a range of mediums. I attribute much of my success to the talented individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with along the way. These coaches and mentors have provided invaluable guidance and support throughout my journey, whether as a graphic designer, animator, UX designer, or design leader. Each role has imparted unique insights, allowing me to grow in maturity, confidence, and the ability to balance the artistic and scientific aspects of design.

As a designer, I take great pleasure in working across diverse industries and for clients around the world, designing for various form factors and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Throughout my career, I have honed my ability to define and refine processes that enable me and my team to succeed, while fostering collaborative relationships with different teams to create exceptional product experiences.

As a design leader, I have overseen the development and growth of expansive design practices, mentoring designers at all levels and guiding them toward personal and professional success. I have been instrumental in developing a product vision, collaborating with business development to acquire new clients, and leading large-scale design engagements. My passion for design extends beyond my professional pursuits, as I take great pleasure in conducting Design Thinking workshops for young students and teaching them to utilize this approach in solving complex problems.

In my current position, I serve in various capacities, performing multiple roles to ensure success in every facet of the design process. As a manager, I guide my team toward achieving their goals, while as a design lead, I conceptualize end-to-end enterprise user experiences for Sales, Service, and Commerce cloud users, fostering product innovation. I collaborate with a team of exceptionally talented engineers, product managers, and designers, serving as a bridge to ensure seamless communication and collaboration. As an innovator, I lead Machine Learning and Web3 design innovation initiatives across various products.

Design is not my only passion, as I find immense joy in other activities such as cooking, taking long walks in nature, practicing yoga, and losing myself in my painting studio for hours on end. These activities serve as my meditation, allowing me to recharge my creative batteries and pursue my passions outside of the design world. 🙂