Life Around Design

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Margaret Mead

Each one of us feels connected with some cause. I’m passionate about kids and design education, simply because kids have amazing creativity, energy, fearless attitude, ability to think out of the box, and openness to explore something new!


Kids and Design Education – Design Thinking Workshops for Young Students

I routinely Volunteer as a guest speaker at the ‘Code for Fun’ and ‘‘ product design camps for elementary to high-school students.

Things are changing rapidly around us and the real-life problem is getting more complex and abstract. To solve them, young generation needs to develop a growth mindset and learn important problem solving, analytical and spatial thinking skills which will be increasingly important in the future. I feel exposing young students to the concept of Design Thinking is one step towards preparing them for their future hence I conduct Design Thinking workshops for young students.

Design Talks

I have been sharing my thoughts on design management, innovation and design at various community forums. Here are the snippets of few of my recent industry talks.

Links to my talks

Insta live knowledge sharing session for Design Management Students

Heads of Design Conference

UX Talks Conference – Women in Design

Solve By Design – an online design symposium

Nodes of Design Podcast

Avantika Designeering Podcast Series

AntWak – Knowledge sharing videos

Guest lecture at UC Berkeley Extension

Mentor at

Mentor – LEAD Design Thinking program for high-school students at

Design Teaching

While in India I have been a mentor, guest faculty and jury member for postgrad and undergrad students specializing in User Experience Design at MIT Institute of design.

Art as a Medium of Expression and Exploration

In July 2019 I conducted a group art show along with my friends. The theme was ‘Vanishing Traditions’ and ‘Nature’. This art exhibition was a tribute to traditions and tribal communities in India that are vanishing rapidly. Nature is my biggest inspiration and I enjoy exploring different shapes, textures, and colors inspired by nature in my art.