Experience redesign for largest automotive insurance club


As a Design Lead, I was responsible to define the new digital strategy and design that help AAA achieve its business and user goals. I worked with Jr. designers, writers and developers by providing the design direction and collaborating on successfully delivering the product experience.

Challenge: Showcase product range, improve conversion

AAA Mid-Atlantic who is the largest automotive insurance club in North America wanted people to know it offers more than just roadside assistance. Its assortment of products and benefits includes member discounts, financial services & insurance, travel & entertainment packages, and more.

The redesign focus was to:
Expand consumer awareness about the range of offerings.
Create a more persuasive online experience to increase uptake and conversion.

Approach: Create a guided path for customer discovery

Project was done by combining classic usability practices with its new PET design™ methodology for optimizing persuasion, emotion, and trust – including eye tracking studies.

In-depth research identified people’s wants, needs, motivations, and expectations.

The analysis found the existing AAA website didn’t encourage people to explore new products, go deeply into the content, or even notice prominently displayed offers.

Results: Improved sales and product exposure

AAA Mid-Atlantic has enjoyed dramatic benefits since the launch of its redesigned website.

  • Expanded awareness: Site visitors discovered and remembered twice as many products and services; page views have soared in nearly every category.
  • Increased conversion: Membership page visits and leads have exceeded a 200% increase; online renewals for all membership types are higher.
  • Improved usability: 99% of usability test subjects successfully completed their tasks vs. only 54% with the old design.
  • Brand appeal: Tests showed the new design is unanimously preferred over the old site.

New design encourages customers to explore a wider variety of AAA’s offerings

Key content, like membership benefits, was rewritten to be more persuasive