Product Incubation and Design for Enterprise Productivity Tools


In 2016 LinkedIn invested in ’One platform supporting different Gmail products’ vision.
• LinkedIn for Gmail
• Sales Navigator for Global Sales Organization
• Sales Navigator for Gmail

Sales Navigator for LinkedIn Global Sales Organization and Sales Navigator for Gmail for LinkedIn Consumers these two projects got kicked-off to build intelligent and invisible companion sales productivity app that creates centralized system of engagement, bring insights from LinkedIn, CRM and email in one place to help sales reps sell faster and align with Global Sales Organizations 2016 objectives of 5%+ productivity gain, NPS>10, 1K+ Monthly active users.


Maximize sales professional efficiency for LinkedIn’s internal sales organization and Sales Navigator users with a context sensitive Gmail inbox extension integrating LinkedIn, CRM, and email functionality.

My Role

I was a lead designer working closely with 9 members’ core team. My responsibility involved cross-functional collaboration with multiple LOB during these 8 months of product development from idea to GA of the product.

My Involvement

User Research and Testing ⎜ Information Architecture ⎜ Interaction Design ⎜ Adherence to LinkedIn Design System ⎜ Visual Design ⎜ Collaboration with Cross-functional Teams ⎜ Design Support to Agile Product Development

Research and Understanding

Ideation and Design

Snippets of the design process I followed while working on both the products.

Sales Navigator for LinkedIn Global Sales Organization.

Sales Navigator for Gmail

The screen below displays both the product UI.

The user of Sales Navigator for Gmail using the product for ‘Social Selling Training’.
The User using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail to find the Prospects – Social Selling Training Demo Video by product user.

User Feedback

User of Sales Navigator for Gmail.