Design Thinking Summer Camp – Community Outreach Design Challenge for High schooler

In June 2020, I collaborated with the Bay Area chapter of and part of their LEAD program to kick off the 5 weeks Design Thinking summer camp focused on ‘Community Outreach Challenge’. 8 teams of 48 participants participated in this camp and came up with brilliant ideas/proposals that Sewa team will support in near future.

In this process, I was involved with the Sewa team in brainstorming the idea of the design challenge, setting up guidelines, and defining key milestones of this 5 weeks camp. The camp was conducted virtually over Zoom.

Going out and making a difference in the community requires passion, courage, and dedication. This LEAD summer session, students were asked to think about a community need or a problem that they wish to address, create a project around it, showcase how they wish to make a difference, and share their ideas with the team.

It is extremely satisfying to see how empathetic this young generation is towards community challenges they observe in their day to day life, and how passionately and creatively they would like to solve them!

Here are a few snippets of the projects students came up with as part of the design thinking challenge.